Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

NVCA is pleased to partner with parents in the education of their children. The PTF is a group of parents of students enrolled at NVCA, faculty members, administrators, staff members, and in some instances Board members of NVCA who actively engage in the growth and development of NVCA. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and the school’s ministry.

The PTF is an essential pillar of NVCA’s organization. It is organized with functional committees(teams) who meet on a regular basis to plan and review past and upcoming events, plan, brainstorm, execute and evaluate how they can best provide support to the NVCA community through activities, events, and fundraisers.

These PTF committees provide parent opportunities to become involved in the school in the areas of their respective interests and expertise. The various committees work together to build relationships, connecting parents with parents and community to promote fellowship and unity throughout NVCA. PTF also partners with administration to provide school wide education events and assists in the development and execution of school development activities as fundraising, dinner/auction, and the annual fund drive.

Various Committees work in the following areas to support school extracurricular events, classroom activities and annual developmental fundraising events.

For more information or to become involved contact the Director of PTF,
Cecelia Jensen at