Extended & After Care Programs

NVCA offers an extended care program for the mornings prior to school and afternoons after school dismissal.

Limited care is provided in the mornings due to time constraints. However, the After-School program offers various program opportunities depending upon grade level. Though students have just completed a full school day, we know the time immediately after school is an excellent time to fortify their comprehension of the day’s teachings.

Our After-School Program is comprised of three groups:

    • Preschool
    • Grades K-2
    • Grades 3-5

The program for the preschool is geared primary to monitored play and social interaction.

Early Childhood Playtime - School Extended Care Program

For the older group there is a structured, age-specific program to supplement the academic programs at NVCA with the general purpose of reinforcing concepts taught during the day and helping students complete their homework in a timely way. For the younger students in the middle group (Grades K-2) the new program will include games, music, art, stories, and exercises that supplement their curricula. For the older students, middle and high school, the schedule provides a balance between learning time and relaxation. For the upper grade students, the instructor will work with the various subject teachers to understand the curricula of the students, the homework thread, and the test dates for assessing progress in the various subject areas. The instructor will ensure that the time spent during the after school program is directed toward completing homework assignments, assisting students who need help in certain subjects, and generally enhancing the learning environment.

For more information, contact our Director of Preschool at [email protected]

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