Elementary School

The elementary school program for K-5th grade students places emphasis on mastery and application of basic learning skills. Each student is taught from a Christian perspective with special times set aside for Bible instruction and chapel. Teachers also offer specialized enrichment and outside classroom activities to help each child realize their academic potential. The elementary school offers additional activities to help educate the whole child such as art, music, physical education, STEM, computer and technology skills.

Curriculum Overview

Elementary School (K-5th)

  • English – Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary
  • Reading & Writing- Reading and Language Comprehension, Poetry
  • Grammar Usage
  • Bible- Memory, Old and New Testament
  • History/Geography
  • Science – Purposeful Design
  • Fine Arts- Theater/Art/Music
  • STEM lab activities and use of relevant tools of technology prepare students to excel in Science Technology Engineering and Math practices.

NVCA Essential Student Skills & Outcomes

The Look of a Lion is a portrait of the essential skills and outcomes that each graduate at North Valley Christian Academy will be learning throughout their education here and will have achieved as a high school senior going into the next phase of their life.

Battle Verses

At each grade level students are learning chapters and/or verses of the Bible to provide scripture that is engrained in their mind and hearts. The goal is that these verses will provide comfort, strength and support to each student as they grow in their spiritual walk with God and life.


Lower School