College Scholarship Opportunities

Exclusive CCSC College Scholarship Opportunities for NVCA Students

Students graduating from NVCA’s high school may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 in additional Grand Canyon University academic scholarships per year. North Valley Christian Academy is participating member of Grand Canyon’s Christian School Consortium. As a benefit of that partnership, students graduating from high school can receive college scholarship opportunities up to $5,000 (for those choosing to live on campus) or $2500 (for those living off campus) annually. This academic scholarship is available for each year that a student attends high school at NVCA which can total up to $20,000 towards college tuition over the course of four years.

DUAL ENROLLMENT, in addition the CCS partnership with Grand Canyon University offers dual enrollment credits which are available through classes at NVCA, or online, offering students the opportunity to reduce the time to complete a bachelor’s degree from four years to three. This could reduce college cost by up to 25%. Grand Canyon University (GCU) off dual enrollment classes as an affordable and efficient way for NVCA high school students to gain a head start on their college degree.

For more information on these scholarship opportunities and for the program specifications,
contact an NVCA admission counselor at 623-551-3454