Weekly Update – March 3rd, 2017


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Campus Newsletter #27 3rd GRADE PBL HIGHLIGHT: The 3rd grade students started their project by researching different types of tiny houses, who lives in tiny houses, and why. The kids led the discussion towards people that don’t have a lot of money and they watched a video of a 9 year old that made mini tiny houses for the homeless. We also discussed how most of the time when you live in a tiny house you get to be the one who actually builds/designs it yourself. They all said they wished they could live in one. Each group of students was given dimensions for the base and the walls as well as a list of required items. They had to use their imagination and creativity to design a functional layout. They made rough draft called, ‘blue prints’ and then colored their final drafts to start assembling. To complete the project, the students added 3D furniture and glued down the walls.

PARENT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP: As our school enrollment continues to increase our PTF needs will change. To accommodate this growth we have made some key changes to the structure of this program. A flyer has gone out to all families with details. For 2017-18 the PTF program will be split into two main areas of focus: School Fellowship, Support Teams, and Fundraising Teams, each with a volunteer lead. These two volunteer leads will then build the necessary teams to carry out its specific purposes. PTF Leads will be directly supported and assisted by our Advancement Coordinators, Mrs. Natalie Gilliland. Your involvement is essential and appreciated, and provides an opportunity for you to connect and build many new relationships with other parents. Please join PTF during our inaugural year on our new campus – you will be blessed.

Campus Newsletter #27dASH WEDNESDAY CHAPEL: We had a wonderful chapel service on Ash Wednesday to start the Lenten Season. Mrs. Oakeson shared the story of Jonah warning the Ninevites to stop their evil ways and repent to the Lord. Immediately they stopped sinning, covered themselves with sackcloth, sat in the dust, and desperately prayed to God for forgiveness. We too, need to turn away from sinning and towards Jesus and salvation. In Genesis 3:19, the ashes remind us that we were made from dust and we will return to dust. The tradition of putting ashes on our foreheads is to remind us that we are sinful and in need Jesus Christ.

CHAPEL OFFERING: Our last chapel offering for March 1st- May 17th will be a Dollar Challenge for the Phoenix Rescue Mission. The dollars can be in change or paper form. To see how much we have raised each week, you can look on the wall outside the Kindergarten classroom. So far, we have raised $84.00. Thank you for helping us support the Phoenix Rescue Mission and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD’S BLESSINGS last week to Ms. Collin, Lexy Hopper, Anthony Thomas, Megan McCrory, and Mia Munoz.

  • March 6-10th: Spring Parent Teacher Conferences
  • March 13th-17th: Celebrate NVCA Week
  • March 15th: End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 17th: Grandparent’s Day, 11:00am Early Dismissal
  • March 20-24th: No School, Spring Break
  • April 7th: 11:00am Dismissal, Teacher In-Service
  • April 14-17th: No School, Good Friday, Easter Monday

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