Weekly Update – Feb. 24th, 2017


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1FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT: We congratulate our recent Fruit of the Spirit recipients, Hannah Sabo, Lexy Hopper, Melissa Garner, Christa Lehman, Ben Hamack, Megan McCrory, Johnny Thomas, Brady Stakes, Faith Garrison, Whitely Monk, and Connor Greenslade for showing a spirit of goodness.

KINDERGARTEN PBL HIGHLIGHT: What would it be like to meet some of the most respected Presidents of our country? Kindergarten found out through Project Based Learning! The students asked interview questions to get to know more about the Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt. Three dads and Mr. Hansen dressed up as the presidents to visit our classrooms. The students were able to ask their interview questions then record their answers in groups. They learned how old each president was when they took office, what made them so important, and when and how they died. The class had a lot of fun getting to know the presidents!

2PROJECT BASED LEARNING HIGHLIGHT: In math, the 2nd Grade students worked as a team to make a running lemonade stand. Each group was responsible for picking a charity, setting a time, choosing a location, settling on prices, and choosing items to sell. They set a goal for the amount of lemonade they would need to sell to raise money using a budget. They presented their ideas by memorization in creative ways with two groups choosing TV commercials, a poster, and a newscast. This is such a fun way to learn!

ADMINISTRATOR’S CONFERENCE: Mr. Kretzmann and Mrs. Oakeson attended the LEA National Administrators Conference in Phoenix with 150 administrators from around the nation. Bernard Bull (a leader in Project Based Learning), focused on helping teachers embrace teaching and learning in a connected age and Jack Preus (an NVCA Board member) spoke about personalizing professional development for teachers in order to produce the best results.

3CHAPEL OFFERING: Our last chapel offering for March 1st- May 17th will be a Dollar Challenge for the Phoenix Rescue Mission. The dollars can be in change or paper form. To see how much we have raised each week, you can look on the wall outside the Kindergarten classroom. Thank you for helping us support the Phoenix Rescue Mission and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

SPRING PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Mark your calendars for the Spring Parent Teacher Conferences that are optional for all preschool – 8th grade students during March 6-10th. Teachers will be sending home more information soon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD’S BLESSINGS last week to Zane Sharp, Christopher Boadu, and Jack Corbitt.

  • March 3rd: 11:00am Dismissal, Teacher In-Service
  • March 6-10th: Spring Parent Teacher Conferences
  • March 13th-17th: Celebrate NVCA Week
  • March 15th: End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 17th: Grandparent’s Day, 11:00am Early Dismissal

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