Annual Fund Donation

NVCA-A Journey of Faith

As a young, private, independent Christian school, we are at the beginning of an incredible faith-building journey that God has planned in advance for each of us who hear of this story-students, parents, grandparents, staff, businesses, congregations, families, and friends. You are invited to be a part of this remarkable story now unfolding-to join God and many others from across the country that are investing in building a new generation of Christian leaders through NVCA.

The NVCA Annual Fund

You can make a difference. Our Annual Fund program each year provides NVCA with essential financial support to meet its yearly operating expenses. Tuition does not cover all of the annual costs of educating students. We rely on annual gifts to fund about 10% of the operating budget. These unrestricted dollars support every aspect of NVCA- curriculum, facility costs, technology, teacher compensation, financial aid for families, and other needs. This is why annual giving is the single most important way to help financially sustain and strengthen NVCA.

At NVCA, Every Gift Counts

Many small gifts, when combined, can provide a scholarship, support professional development, purchase curriculum, or cover other significant program expenses. There is a strength in numbers, and the collective generosity of our donors can make a huge impact. In addition, a high participation rate of givers reflects a strong and dedicated school community. Foundations and corporations look for this when evaluating NVCA requests for grants. Your prayers and generous financial support will play an important part in many, many lives-today and for decades to come.

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