Why Christian Education

Our desire is that North Valley Christian Academy will reinforce the values our students learn at home and church so they can learn to rely on their biblical world view when faced with life’s challenges. When situations are seen through a filter of biblical truth which has been established at home, church, and reinforced at school, students have a far better chance of making right choices.

This is confirmed by data compiled by Cardus, an educational study group that tracked student behavior after graduation. The study surveyed post-graduates of public, Catholic, Protestant Christian, non-religious private and home-schooled high school students.

When surveyed on the topic of Spiritual Formation, Graduates of Christian Schools:

  • Were more likely to show a long-term commitment to the Protestant church
  • Financially gave more to the church and charitable organizations
  • Volunteered their time to help others more than any other group
  • As single adults, prayed more than any other group (equal to the home schooled group)
  • Were involved in more Bible study groups than any other group

When surveyed on the topic of Cultural Engagement, Graduates of Christian Schools:

  • Served others in their community more than any other group
  • Had more clarity and sense of direction in their lives
  • Had less sense of helplessness in dealing with life’s problems
  • Held a clearer view of what is morally correct than any other group
  • Were more grateful for their income and possessions
  • Married younger, had more children and had fewer divorces

When surveyed on the topic Academic Excellence, Graduates of Christian Schools:

  • Had a higher percentage of students graduating from college than any other group (equal to Catholic School Graduates)
  • Received more advanced degrees (equal to Catholic School Graduates)
  • Were more likely to attend a religious university
  • Were more likely to attend a university that is very selective in their search process

The information above was derived from ACSI’s Upon a Solid Foundation: The ACSI Response to and Expansion of the Cardus Education Survey 2012