NVCA On The Move – Jan. 15th


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2 Parking CurbCMU_BldgA_East SideCMU_B Bldg 4CMU_B Bldg (3)CMU_B Bldg (2)CMU_B Bldg 1CMU_A Bldg_Taking Scaffolding downCMU_A Bldg_South SideCMU_A Bldg_ North Side 2CMU_A BldgCMU_A Bldg (1)CMU_ Prayer room 1CMU_ B BldgCMU_ B Bldg 2CMU_ B Bldg 1Building A Clean SweptSteel erection_A BldgSetting up grade to right depth_9''Setting up forms for the radius footing at the main entranceSetting up fence, from north to southRocks in the Rip rapRebar for wall footing_B bldg_GL10Putting rocks in trenchPoured radius curb_Main EntrancePoured Main EnteranceParkinglot Curb 1Main Entrance_Saw CutGrading parking lotGothic_ Digging North side to place rock 1Covering rocks with dirt in the rip rapCovered the Rip rap with Soil