Life Academies

Optional, specialized, and focused academic programs are also available within the university prep academic program. Through our LIFE Academies, students discover and engage in education opportunities – beyond the core requirements – that uniquely reflect their interests, talents, passions, and gifts. This additional, specialized coursework begins during the sophomore year and extends through graduation. These Academies represent small learning communities that provide real-world experiences with businesses and professionals, linking life, school, and work.

  • Learning communities that specialize and focus on a student’s passions and interests
  • Internships that provide an opportunity for real world applications and experiences
  • Family and faith integrated with learning opportunities as a component of life preparation
  • Exceptional focused, advanced coursework in specialty areas



After demonstrating positive academic accomplishment during freshman year, students may apply for a specific academy to begin in their sophomore year. Academies will require the completion of an additional 4-6 credits beyond basic coursework. With the extra classes and responsibilities that accompany the program, applicants must demonstrate an ability to address the opportunity with both a scholastic and appropriate attitude. With successful completion, students will receive an “academy endorsement” on their diploma at graduation. Each academy has a small program fee (not more than $500/year) to cover additional costs.


ACADEMIES BEGINNING 2018-19  (Sophomore year)

  • Business and Communications Academy
  • STEM Academy – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Creative Arts Academy – Performing or Fine Arts
  • Global Studies Academy


If you would like more information about NVCA please request information.  Future enrollment priority will be given to current NVCA families.