High School Overview


The education journey for high school students at NVCA is unique, challenging, inspiring, and transformational. It encompasses the best of educational research, common sense, accountability, service, compassion, and life preparation skills, integrated with technological and global readiness.

With teachers guiding and leading, it is a journey where students are actively engaged in their own learning direction and process. As they discover their unique strengths, abilities, and interests they will be challenged to reach their highest potential so that they can effectively serve others through the vocational and life direction God has prepared for them. Through purposeful, active mentorship, students will develop practical skills for furthering education and learning habits that extend into all areas of life.

Education research drives our value of collaboration, student agency, effective communication, independent reading, critical thinking, creativity, challenge, and a love of learning. Upon graduation, NVCA students will be prepared to lead and serve confidently in a fast-changing, global community.

Our new state-of-the-art facilities enable and enhance a wide spectrum of learning styles, providing designed spaces that provide adaptable, open, and multi-sensory learning opportunities. Needs of students are matched with teaching strategies that may include independent, small group, or small class instruction. I addition, to enhance, connect, and build our unique family community, NVCA is committed to limiting enrollment growth to no more than 600 FTE students on campus.



The liberal arts curriculum, performing arts, visual arts, athletics, and all other co-curricular experiences incorporate and engage the whole student—mind, body, and spirit. All learning opportunities have an integration of God’s word and a framework of a Biblical worldview.

Upon graduation, NVCA high school students will have exceeded the requirements by the State of Arizona, and will meet or exceed the requirements needed for most university admissions. Students are required to complete the Core, Life, and Academy courses as outlined for graduation, and must earn a minimum of 27 credits. Select AP courses are available online and will be added to our ground campus as enrollment determines.

With access to a rich combination of core classes and electives, NVCA students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines that lead them to achieve their God-intended purposes.



The appropriate integration of education, learning, and technology is an important component of the well-rounded and specialized academic program at NVCA. Technology provides and enhances a wealth of learning and teaching opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.

We understand that the world of the present and the future will require our students to be highly comfortable and competent with using many different types of hardware and software resources in order to work, play and live. At NVCA, we operate with a technology “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) program, in which all high school students are required to provide their own suitable device. NVCA provides a list of minimum hardware and software requirements, with recommendations.



A variety of both individual and team sports are available either through intramurals or through AIA (Arizona Interscholastic Association) competitive programs. The number of committed participants for any specific sport will determine the feasibility of that sport opportunity.

Boys: Basketball, Football, and Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, and Tennis
Girls: Basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball

Purpose of NVCA Athletics

  1. To teach life lessons that come through true competition: effort, teamwork, sportsmanship, preparation, dignity, worth, and handling adversity.
  2. To develop young adults who honor God by being physically active and embracing a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To provide Christian role models in our coaching staff with the intent on forming a Christ-like character in our athletes.
  4. To teach, build and challenge athletes to improve and grow to their highest potential in their athletic skills and abilities.



All students are encouraged to cultivate their God-given creativity and express themselves through a variety of Fine and Performing Arts disciplines. The Fine Arts at NVCA will provide experiences with drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, design, and digital media learning opportunities. The Performing Arts opportunities will include vocal music, choir, band, dance, drama, theatre, and worship arts. As with athletics, the number of interested and committed participants for specific arts programs will determine offerings.

Education Options

There are many ways to design and create a well-rounded high school program to serve students and families. We believe that in most situations, face-to-face instruction and guidance is superior, however we appreciate the differences and needs of many family situations. With that in mind, we provide the following options.

  • Traditional: Full-time. On campus.
  • Blended: Full-time. Combination of on campus and online.
  • International Program: Full-time. On campus.
  • Online: Full or part-time



If you would like more information about NVCA please request information. Future enrollment priority will be given to current NVCA families.