Early Childhood

The goal of the preschool program is for our young children to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ while developing an academic foundation for the elementary years ahead. Providing a close teacher-child relationship within a happy, secure and nurturing Christian environment is our primary focus. The curriculum includes phonics, pre-reading, numbers, music, stories, scriptures, library visits, and many fun, hands-on activities indoors and outside.

Research has consistently shown that students who attend a high quality preschool are more successful in kindergarten and beyond both academically and socially. North Valley Christian Academy’s preschool program grows skill and knowledge competencies in all areas-physical well-being and motor development, social, emotional and spiritual development. This is done with a strong focus on challenging but appropriate content taught from a biblical worldview.

NVCA Advantages

  • Year round preschool options for 10 or 12 months
  • Children are respected, nurtured and challenged academically, socially, physically and spiritually
  • Children are able to make meaningful decisions throughout the day promoting natural curiosity
  • Children learn the skills necessary for future academic success through basic school readiness skills
  • All subject areas are taught with research based, academic excellence from a biblical worldview
  • Children learn in a safe, nurturing environment with caring professionals which promotes the greatest overall success for the students