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Except for God’s Word, nothing is constant. Everything is or seems to be changing. No question, we live in a rapidly changing world. Yet, interestingly, our schools and the process of education has been one of the slowest areas of change. We may take our experiences in school and believe this is the way it should be.

Do you recognize these century old school traditions? Thoughts?

  • Classrooms of seated children in row after row
  • Students as predominantly receivers of information
  • “Matching” kids together in a room by one commonality – age
  • The teacher as the only holder and disseminator of knowledge – a “sage on the stage”

Over the next few months this blog will look deeper into these topics and more. We have a huge body of educational research that provides us with great direction and insight into both what needs to change and what does not. To improve school effectiveness may require us at times to set aside what we know or believe to be true, and discover a new way or direction. Change is inevitable.

Even as we have been designing the new campus for NVCA, it was very important to research the best environments for children to learn, grow, create, belong, and to be challenged, inspired, and loved. We believe we will have a campus that empowers these things, and also reflects our unique values of faith, relationships, family, home, and community.

It is evident that God’s favor has been with North Valley Christian Academy through all of its’ changes. For that we are most grateful!

“I will look on you with favor and will make you fruitful and increase your numbers.”
Leviticus 26:9

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