CELEBRATE NVCA WEEK: As a school family we have shared fellowship, fun, and special activities all week. Thank you to our faculty, staff, students, and parents for making this week extra special. To the right is our future 2025 high school graduate – Joshua celebrating Hawaiian Day. PRESCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM: Information can be picked […]

4th GRADE PBL HIGHLIGHT: The 4th grade has been working on building collaboration and cooperation skills.  They started the project by trying to put together a puzzle without speaking to each other. This was quite a challenge. Then they developed a series of questions about the importance of collaboration and important collaboration skills which they asked their parents and special […]

3rd GRADE PBL HIGHLIGHT: The 3rd grade students started their project by researching different types of tiny houses, who lives in tiny houses, and why. The kids led the discussion towards people that don’t have a lot of money and they watched a video of a 9 year old that made mini tiny houses for […]

FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT: We congratulate our recent Fruit of the Spirit recipients, Hannah Sabo, Lexy Hopper, Melissa Garner, Christa Lehman, Ben Hamack, Megan McCrory, Johnny Thomas, Brady Stakes, Faith Garrison, Whitely Monk, and Connor Greenslade for showing a spirit of goodness. KINDERGARTEN PBL HIGHLIGHT: What would it be like to meet some of the […]

4th-8th GRADE VALENTINE’S DAY: Our 4th -8th grade students chose to bless others this past Valentine’s Day instead of having a party. They went to Montecito Assisted Living Center in Peoria to show God’s love through song and conversation. While this was for the benefit of the Senior Citizens it in turn softened and moved […]

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