Middle School 5-8


With outstanding educational facilities, a committed faculty, involved parents, and excellent students, we partner and serve together to create a unique, vibrant learning community. We, at NVCA, believe knowledge only becomes true wisdom when it is gained through the lens of a biblical worldview. It is vital that growing  children discover the deeper meaning, purpose, and value of their life from Christ not peers or the world’s viewpoint.

We also believe that great schools involve and embrace the entire family. At NVCA, faculty, staff, and families experience a close community of friendship and fellowship based on shared Christian values. NVCA is a place of acceptance and relationship where your family can find a place for support and belonging.

The middle school program for 5th through 8th grade students includes english, math, science, history, and Bible. All subjects are taught from the perspective of biblical truth. A well-rounded program of co-curricular activities-physical education, music, and art-complement the basic liberal arts program.

NVCA also emphasizes technology to thrive in the 21st century. All classrooms are outfitted with wi-fi, smartboards, and IPad technology, and complement our library and resource section to provide the tools necessary to build strong technology and critical thinking skills.