At NVCA, we have a challenging and research driven program of academic excellence in a caring environment. NVCA educators effectively integrate faith development and academics from a distinctly biblical worldview. Each of our carefully selected and highly qualified educators are certified and hold at minimum a four year degree, with many holding advanced degrees.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

At NVCA, we believe the most effective program of education is strong in liberal arts and has a foundational core in unchanging truths. Additionally, our comprehensive program fully prepares students to thrive in the 21st century—and includes building life skills, relational skills, technology skills, and critical thinking skills. These areas of learning are complemented by opportunities in athletics, music and the fine arts. Students learn best when they are offered an engaging, challenging and content-rich curriculum that builds and grows from year to year. The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a solid foundation of learning that promotes academic excellence, while remaining flexible to meet state and local standards. This nationally recognized program of study provides a coherently organized plan integrating content into the NVCA curriculum. It’s designed to encourage steady academic growth and progress as students construct their knowledge and develop literacy and critical thinking skills year after year.

Early Childhood Education
It’s never too early to develop critical thinking skills and a love for learning. Our specially designed early education programs provide structure and social skills while offering the academic rigor of the Core Knowledge® curriculum.  Our teacher to student ratios are lower than the state average. This allows our educators to focus on each child and their individual growth and development.

Two’s Preschool:
We are the only Christian Preschool in the North Valley providing an education program for two-year-old students.

This classroom is designed for independent and potty-trained students ages three and four. A variety of classes, times and extended care options are offered to meet the needs of families.

We refer to our Pre-K classroom as our kindergarten readiness program. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to fully prepare students for kindergarten.

The kinderbridge classroom is for those students who miss the cut-off date for kindergarten and/or require an extra year to mature. Kinderbridge children deepen their love for learning through confidence building techniques and stimulating educational growth opportunities.