Academic Excellence

Academic excellence and spiritual excellence are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, spiritual excellence calls us to be good stewards of the gifts and talents God has provided; therefore, it calls us to academic excellence as well.  It is this striving for excellence in both realms that makes North Valley Christian Academy what it is, a Christian school focused on teaching truth from a distinctly biblical worldview perspective.

NVCA students develop a strong foundation in the core academic curriculum, including reading and writing skills, critical thinking, the ability to apply mathematical concepts, and a broad understanding of the sciences and humanities.  A carefully selected curriculum challenges students with the Christian standards North Valley Christian Academy strives to develop.  The traditional classroom setting at NVCA builds unity among students.

Faculty members are degreed and certified and actively “fuse” God’s Word into the classes and activities of each day with the intent of showing students that God is involved in their academics, co-curricular activities, spiritual life, and service.  They are committed Christians who realize God created each child with unique strengths and abilities.  Teachers understand that learning takes place in a variety of ways.  They have a desire to kindle and nourish a love for learning in their students by helping them find new ways to discover their God given talents and potential in Christ.

Accomplishing NVCA’s Mission

As we strive to accomplish the school’s mission, we passionately:

  1. Focus our plans and activities around specific goals and outcomes dedicated to our school’s mission and vision.
  2. Create lessons and activities to engage all learners and learning styles.
  3. Generate a family atmosphere that cares and prays for one another.
  4. Point children to God’s purpose for their life.
  5. Serve our local community, fostering a desire to be others-centered vs. self-centered.