School Governance

Effective School Governance for the 21st Century

NVCA is an independent, self-operating, private Christian school led by an elected School Board of Trustees. Our governance structure is based on the latest and most comprehensive research available on leading effective schools in the 21st century. Our independent structure allows NVCA the freedom to build a broad “school association” with a variety of organizations, churches, and Christ-centered ministries throughout our community. The partnerships developed through this school association are extremely important to help NVCA reach its vision to be the best school in the North Valley-and to effectively reach the school’s mission to “build Christian Leaders thoroughly prepared to thrive in all of life.”

How does our School Board operate and govern?

Non-profit, private school governance research is clear about the type of governing structure that has the greatest impact on building a school of excellence. NVCA has adopted this “policy-based” governance structure. The school board has the power and authority, among other things, to adopt, amend, or rescind bylaws for the corporation and to develop governing policies for the organization. The school board does not manage school employees, programs, or get involved in day-to-day operations and decision-making. These areas are left to the professional educators and those with extensive school experience – the leadership, faculty, and staff. The board holds school leadership accountable to achieve specific annual goals, to have a plan of ongoing school improvement, and to provide an appropriate and effective research-driven program of education.  Individual concerns regarding the classroom, staff members, or the school are handled by going directly to the person responsible – not the board. NVCA follows this process, as it is the most effective, appropriate, healthy, and God-honoring direction for resolution and is based on the Biblical principal of Matthew 18.

What are the key responsibilities of our School Board?

Again, research in non-profit school governance is clear about the specific responsibilities of an effective board. Our board provides visionary leadership to:

  • Serve and protect the school’s mission and core values
  • Develop and communicate the vision of the school
  • Develop and implement policy
  • Support and encourage the school’s staff
  • Select, support, encourage, and formally evaluate school leadership
  • Give financially to the school; facilitate and participate in fund raising
  • Ensure financial sustainability and integrity, and approve annual budgets
  • Evaluate and improve itself as a governing board

How are School Board members chosen and elected?

Current board members, local pastors, or other leaders from the community may recommend new board members. NVCA staff and parents may provide recommendations as well. The board takes these recommendations, interviews potential candidates, and formally chooses and elects individuals based on spiritual maturity, board fit, and board need at that particular time.  Consideration factors for selection may also include having a certain professional expertise, business background, or wisdom helpful to the board to reach the vision of the school.  Board members serve for two years, and may be elected to additional terms as outlined in the organization’s by-laws.

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