Leadership & Faculty

Leadership Team

Mr. Nate Kretzmann, M.Ed Educational Administration, Executive Director

Mr. Kretzmann holds both a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Concordia University Irvine, California. He holds a Superintendents Certification from ACSI, and in addition has earned international certification as a professional fundraising executive. Mr. Kretzmann has over thirty years of experience in schools from early childhood through the university level. He has served on several non-profit boards, and has been a national conference speaker and consultant on leadership and board development. Mr. Kretzmann is responsible for the overall operations of the school as director of both external and internal affairs. His leadership role encompasses many strategic areas that are critical to the overall strength of the school and which are necessary to move NVCA to reach its future vision.

“Together with our exceptional faculty and staff, I am humbled and honored to serve children and their families by providing an appropriate and challenging Christ-centered education through NVCA.”


Mrs. Rachel Oakeson, M.Ed Early Childhood Education, Principal

Ever since Rachel was a little girl, she has wanted to be a teacher. She would line up all her teddy bears, Barbie’s, and of course siblings in rows like desks and pretend to teach. When Rachel started working with children in high school she knew that teaching was God’s calling for her life. At Concordia University in Wisconsin, she realized that she wanted to teach in a school where she could share about Him and be a light for others. Jesus is the main focus in her life and the leader of her family. Each day Rachel strives to seek God’s will and lead others as His example. He is the reason for all that she does. Sharing Jesus and His forgiveness is expressed in all classroom subjects and the reason why NVCA exists. We desire for all students and families to come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. To develop an intimate relationship with Him and seek Him in all ways. Rachel enjoy’s reading Christian fiction, painting on the walls of her home, and spending time with her family. After 11 years of teaching, Rachel will begin a new journey as principal.

Being a principal is an opportunity for me to worship and praise Jesus daily in all that I do. I want to be a light for the Lord at NVCA to further his Kingdom.




Natalie Gilliland, M.S.

Admissions Coordinator

“I am so blessed to be part of the NVCA ministry. I love getting to share the love of Jesus with other families and watching our children develop into strong, Christian leaders.”

Lori Fox, M.A.
Admissions Coordinator
B.E.S.T Director

“I am so thankful to be able to start every day with prayer, helping families, and providing opportunities for all learners to grow spiritually, emotionally and academically.”

Jacque Reed, M.B.A
Business Manager

“It is so rewarding to be part of a program that enriches and builds the future generation through education excellence.”


Early Childhood – Preschool

Kim Ciliberti, B.A.
Preschool: 2’s

“Nothing is more inspirational than seeing a child’s mind develop with love and knowledge.”

Nicole Sanchez, A.A.
Preschool: Kinder-Bridge

“I hope to instill in children to be lifelong learners and most importantly to know and share God’s love.”

Mandy Fenchak, B.A.
Preschool: 3’s

“I love kids, and I love connecting with then in a way that helps them learn.”


Lower School


Cathy Frazier, B.S.

“I want children to love learning and have fun in school.”


Christy McCrory, M.A.
First Grade

“I love that I can teach at a school where the Gospel of Jesus is at the center of everything we do and where academic excellence is expected and achieved.”


Christina Grace,B.A. 
Second Grade

“I absolutely love teaching and working with kids of all ages and I just know that this is going to be a fantastic year”

Kaylee Collin, B.A.
Third Grade

“I want students to feel confident, successful, and become lifelong learners.”


Karen Jensen, B.A.
Fourth Grade and Middle School Math

“I love to help students expand their knowledge and understanding of the world and how God wants them to live their lives.”


Lori Hansen, B.A.
Music and Art

“It is my passion to show students the love of Jesus. It is a joy to see children grow in Christ.”


Middle School


Darren Hansen, B.S. , M.S.
Bible and History

“I have a chance to journey alongside my students and help them develop and grow their relationship with Jesus.”